“Many emerging economies don’t budget for the latest Biosimilars or lifesaving medicine because their allocations are still for import of basic medicine like Paracetamol (Acetaminophen). "

“Their dependency on international agencies and Charities / MNC’s to support their child vaccination programs, exposes them to shortages during pandemics, affecting the national health index of such countries.”

“When supply of lifesaving drugs for diseases like Tuberculosis and HIV in geographies are decided on price sourced through global tenders, quality is at risk.
A poor-quality medicine leads to drug resistance and growth of drug resistant diseases.”

Our Mission.

“One could internalise manufacture and supply of basic medicine saving crucial Foreign Exchange for technology rich products. The gap is Knowledge and the absence of Technology sharing, which could empower the smallest of economies worldwide, making them self-sufficient in Basic Medicine and Healthcare.”

Our Vision.

“The day is not far, when every world economy, irrespective of size, will be self-sufficient in basic life savings drugs, with global access to affordable Biosimilars”.

N. Chetty – Founding Member

We at Kunz are a ‘key’ as our name suggests to this pool of knowledge and resources. KUNZ … means ‘Key’ in Kashmiri. This unique word echoed well with our thoughts… of being a ‘key’… a ‘door’… opening into a dynamic world. A world of Possibilities … using novel Treatment, Products and so much more.

Our Beliefs & Passion

With a combined experience of more than 100 years, the management team of Kunz has embarked on providing affordable healthcare and where possible, even the opportunity for countries to manufacture their own medicines and set up healthcare centres for the most complex diseases.

Apart from our own facilities, we are fortunate to partner with leading names around the world in Infectiology, Virology, Drug Formulation, Drug development and Drug Delivery.

Our History

Conceptualised since 2006, Kunz took its first audible breath in 2016. Started as a Marketing Company, Kunz Therapeutics (India) helped introduce various novel pharmaceutical forms to companies in India looking to find a differentiated approach in search for that ’Niche’

Our experience over the last 27 years managing businesses for large pharma and our involvement in International M&A, Business Development, Market Expansion, Patent Litigation and Market Access has given us our unique distinction as a ‘Master Key’.. opening worlds and markets, that one would otherwise take decades to enter and establish themselves in.

Kunz Therapeutics Ltd., is a pharmaceutical and biotech company, based in Cheshire, England and is registered with the Companies House, UK, operating in six geographies world-wide.

Business Objectives

    • In & Out Licensing of Development Dossiers
    • In & Out Licensing and Supply of Pharma Products
    • Formulation Dossiers (Eu CTD, FDA, TGA)


    Supply & Distribution
    • Pharmaceuticals, Biosimilars, Nutraceuticals
    • DMF and Non DMF grade API
    • Healthcare Products / PPE
    • Speciality excipients / Enzymes

    Representation and Supply
    • Pharmaceuticals / Nutraceuticals
    • Process equipment

    Engineering Projects
    • Turnkey projects / Start ups
    • Speciality Pharmaceutical/Process Equipment
    • Facility upgradation / Renovation / GMP