Kunz- Your 'key' to innovative pharma !

Kunz - Your 'key' to innovative pharma !

Kunz - Your 'key' to innovative pharma !

About Us

“Many emerging economies don’t budget for the latest Biosimilars or lifesaving medicine because their allocations are still for import of basic medicine like Paracetamol (Acetaminophen). "

“Their dependency on international agencies and Charities / MNC’s to support their child vaccination programs, exposes them to shortages during pandemics, affecting the national health index of such countries.”

“When supply of lifesaving drugs for diseases like Tuberculosis and HIV in geographies are decided on price sourced through global tenders, quality is at risk.
A poor-quality medicine leads to drug resistance and growth of drug resistant diseases.”

Our Mission.

“One could internalise manufacture and supply of basic medicine saving crucial Foreign Exchange for technology rich products. The gap is Knowledge and the absence of Technology sharing, which could empower the smallest of economies worldwide, making them self-sufficient in Basic Medicine and Healthcare.”

Our Vision.

“The day is not far, when every world economy, irrespective of size, will be self-sufficient in basic life savings drugs, with global access to affordable Biosimilars”.

N. Chetty – Founding Member

International Presence

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NDDS (Novel Drug Delivery Solutions)

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Our global manufacturing network helps us deliver quality-assured products to our customers around the world. Our investments in manufacturing capital shape our vision of creating affordable, quality medicines for every stratum of our clientele.

We continue to include newer formulation sites with the latest technologies and capabilities to support our pipeline of generics and NDDS products.

Ranging from single ingredient oral solid dosage forms, our manufacturing facilities manage various Semi-solid, Liquid, Injectable and OTC formulations.

Dogras Weblog Reach

Our manufacturing sites are modern facilities, equipped with the latest systems designed to meet international regulatory norms. Our sites are regularly inspected and approved by national and international authorities, ensuring 24×7 cGMP compliance and conformance to various accreditations like WHO GMP, US FDA, EMEA, SAPHRA and TGA.

Our facilities manufacture the following
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